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You can't obsess about everything. You need to focus on the right thing.
Data is crucial in the fashion industry today. But it's not easy to make sense of. Using our consumer and e-commerce data tools, we provide different audiences with customised insights on their brand's performance and, importantly, their competitors. 

Whether you're a marketer, buyer, merchandiser, strategist or insight professional, we simplify your decisions by pinpointing - and explaining - the metrics that actually drive performance. 

Membership includes:
  • Suite of live dashboards
  • Weekly trend and stock alerts
  • Competitive monitoring
  • Regular, recommendations based reports covering: trading performance, seasonal analysis and consumer attitudes.

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Want to know more?
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Our data science team process millions of constantly refreshed data points on your business and, importantly, on your competitors, from our proprietary consumer and e-commerce data platforms, Barometer and Instock.
Our fashion industry specialists apply their years of experience to spot the underlying factors that are affecting your trading performance, right now, across product, price, place and promotions, so you can identify revenue opportunities and barriers. 
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