Every year, WGSN calls out the five big design trends that will emerge to shape the beauty products and services consumers will want to buy and experience for the next two years.

Jenni Middleton, Director of WGSN Beauty, uncovers the latest trends in our Beauty Big Ideas 2023 report, influenced by the consumer drivers that will exist in a post-pandemic world obsessed with health and hygiene.

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Meet the expert

Jenni Middleton
Director of Beauty, WGSN

Jenni helps clients respond to the fast pace of change in product design, consumer demand and retail. She heads up a team of beauty, sustainability and forecasting experts to let businesses know what to launch and when to launch it.

Championing the role the beauty industry plays in supporting physical and mental wellbeing, Jenni guides businesses towards ethical and sustainable best practice. She has presented at international conferences on retail, health and beauty for over 20 years, as well as leading consultancy projects for global businesses.

Jenni enjoys baking, tennis, weightlifting and attending vintage-themed events.