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At WGSN, we help you anticipate your consumer needs and adapt your future strategy to make confident decisions. With our expert insights and data-backed trend forecasts, we help you create the right products and experiences at the right time for tomorrow's consumer

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How we forecast and track trends
We help you navigate change, so you can create a better future.

WGSN is the world’s leading trend authority. Every day, we work with the world’s top retailers, businesses and brands across industries to predict how customers will evolve, the products they’ll want to buy, and the experiences they’ll seek out.

WGSN is the world’s leading trend authority. We track the signals of change that will impact how consumers will think, feel and behave, to help you design the products, services and experiences that people will want to buy in years to come.
Together, we create tomorrow
Know your future consumer
Visualise the future through the eyes of your consumers, with unrivalled insight into the way they'll think, feel and behave for years to come.
Create products with confidence
Get design direction to inspire the products, experiences and services consumers will want to buy in the future, from how they should look and taste to feel and function.
Stay ahead of lifestyle shifts
Understand how consumer behaviours, interests and tastes will shape how they live, work and play to guarantee your brand and products stay relevant.
Trade at the right time
Accurately land products at the right time, in the right volumes with effective retail and communication strategies and predictive data analytics.
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