This is no time for doubt

In times of change and uncertainty, we are seeing powerful reactions around the globe. The customer wants actions and truth like never before and companies are unsure of how to proceed.

You already know that you need to understand your consumer. That’s business 101. But it's time to know what to really ask them and use the answers to apply concrete actions into positive outcomes.

Discover 5 crucial action points for business resilience

We are change forecasters

We help you navigate change so you can create a better future. Our bespoke consultancy service, WGSN Mindset, helps you understand change in the context of your brand so you can anticipate how it will impact your business now and in the future.

Download our Business Resilience Toolkit to discover 5 crucial action points to identify short to long term plans to build a solid brand purpose, create marketing campaigns, and develop products and experiences that will resonate with your consumer.

WGSN Mindset Consultancy Solutions


Innovation Tracking to Accelerating

Stay ahead of key changes through tracking of innovative practices from global and local brands and retailers. Anticipate the categories where innovation opportunity lies and accelerate the response by understanding the trends shaping the future market and consumer needs.

Post-COVID: The New Normal

Life after COVID-19 is set to a significant evolution in consumer beliefs and attitudes. This shift will accelerate a number of strategic lifestyle trends that will enable businesses to leverage existing expertise or expand their offer into new territories. From the Home Economy, wellness, mental health and community, know what trends will form the post-COVID future.

Strategic Planning: Anticipating Future Scenarios

As we move from crisis management to preparing for the new normal, we need to identify the signals of change among consumers, in the market place and align business focus accordingly. WGSN can support short, mid and long term strategic planning by forecasting the future scenarios that will shape your business landscape.